Rachel Crow ‘X-Factor’ Elimination Ends In Tears [PHOTOS]


In a shocking elimination on last night’s X-Factor, fan favorite Rachel Crow was eliminated. I have a feeling she’s going to do just fine though. Hello Disney!

It was down to Rachel and Marcus Canty. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul voted for Rachel to say, while LA Reid voted for Marcus. Unable to be the deciding vote, Nicole Scherzinger (wearing a python sequin gown by Christina Makowsky) then voted for Rachel to go home, tying things up two votes each.

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“I’m gonna — I don’t wanna… send you home Rachel, I just don’t wanna, so I’m — the act that I’m gonna have to send home is Rachel,” Nicole said, immediately eliciting boos from the crowd.

Steve then revealed Rachel had the lowest number of viewer votes following her performance on Wednesday night, resulting in her elimination.

Watch the elimination go down after the jump. So sad. Do you think Rachel should have been sent home? Sound off by tweeting us at @socialitelife or posting to our Facebook page.