Race To Erase MS

May 15th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Mmm. The star wattage for the Race To Erase MS wasn’t A-list at all. Well except for Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but they’ll show up to an opening for McDonald’s if there was a red carpet. I guess we know how that cause rates amongst the Hollywood Elite.

When looking at the photos, keep in mind that the event had a disco theme to it.

Many more photos from the Race To Erase MS event, after the jump.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Stoney

    UHHHHGGGGG!!! Don’t call those whores A-list!

  2. King Smart Ian

    John Lovitz looks like he ate Marlon Brando

  3. Small Fry

    Are you sure this isn’t an eating disorder awareness event?

  4. 2 Old 4 This

    YIKES! Brook Shields looks like Dr. Frankenfurter.

  5. strawberry78

    Huh. I wonder if any of them know what MS is? As the daughter of someone who is bed-ridden with the illness, I appreciate that money is being raised in hopes of finding a cure, but it really pisses me off that people use it as a publicity stunt.

  6. Green Eyed Angell

    Not-for-profit organizations arrange the fundraisers, then invite the stars. The more publicity that you bring to it, the more money that is raised.
    The twit-wits see it as a chance to run around and be noticed, the organization sees it as more mice running in the wheel to produce electricity.

  7. Viva Los Pantalones!

    Lindsay and Paris probably thought MS was a new, exclusive clothing line for emaciated twig women.

    Actually, it’s probably one of the few diseases they haven’t contracted yet.

  8. k

    Thank you Green Eyed…you hit the nail on the head. A few years ago my sister and I worked a charity Oscar event (as a vendor) and Paris’ mother swore she was going to show up, even if she had to drag her there (which apparently she did, for 10 seconds). It is good for the charity when these types show up…these girls aren’t pretending to support the charity for PR reasons. What do they need the MS Society for?

    And before anyone says anything, I have MS, and any publicity for the cause is good publicity.

  9. i thought it was really great that Nicole showed up to this event and yes she knows what MS is shes a very smart girl unlike Paris but she was there to help raise awareness because her Boyfriends mother has MS i think some ppl should just take Nicole for who she really is (a smart person who rally does care about other people)

  10. mavin

    for once nicole richie and paris hilton get back friends after all they had together and besides lindsay lohan dont need 2 be together anyway and they dont think they they stuff and besides nicole richie is richier than lindsay but who cares i like both of then how bout nicole,paris,and lindsay all get back friends and besides brandon davis hang out with some men not girls are a girly man

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