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December 24th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Which of the celebrities pictured above (Hilary Swank, Amy Adams, Jenna Fischer, Jessica Simmpson) said this:

“It’s something that you have to experience in your life, but I think my first kiss, I was 7 and it was really yucky.”

Find out who they by clicking (right-click on the photo with your mouse to open the photos up in a new window or tab) on each of the photos for a yes or no answer.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Michael Prieve

  1. i think people should just leave Britney alone now, shes had enough and her new songs lets everyone know just whats shes feeling. People keep moking her and other things, its nasty and purely for their own pleasure. the womans a wreck because of US.

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