Quote Of The Day: Sharon Osbourne On Mother Theresa

November 14th, 2005 // 4 Comments

“Nobody is everything to everybody. I didn’t like Mother Teresa. See? Somebody didn’t like her. Ugly old cunt in sandals.”

(Source: FemaleFirst)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Susan Grace

    Sharon Osbourne has no credibility in her own life, to judge others’. Has she taken a good look at her own family? Rehab, plastic surgeries, drug problems, bat biting husbands…the list goes on and on. She should think twice before opening her mouth. And Mother Teresa of all people….she should be ashamed……there’s no excuse for that.

  2. man please!
    F*ck mother teresa.

  3. chicakms

    I used to like her but I mean her comments about other people that she doesn’t know are totally uncalled for. I mean saying nasty things about MT??? What can Sharon O she did for society?

    She couldn’t even get motherhood right, she ended up with 3 fucked up kids, a messed up blitering idiot for a husband and a dysfunctional family. Way to go Sharon!

  4. mutterhals

    Fuck Mother Theresea, Fuck Madonna, and Fuck You!!!

    Sharon Osbourne Rules!!!!

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