Quirkiness Ensues at Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011

Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011 collection is certainly filled with some quirky patterns and color and fabric choices that may remind one of the 80’s. Powder blue, mustard yellow, melon, and peach certainly aren’t my top choices in palette, but the collection does have pieces that stand out and can easily be recognized as a Zac Posen design. On a side note, the designer himself did show a striking resemblance to a young Willy Wonka with his choice of attire for the show.

In regards to the Z Spoke line, Zac Posen described it as, “…a line for the strong willed business women who transforms into an elegant, downtown creature at night. She looks fierce during the work day, yet can throw on a pair of heels and a touch of lipstick in order to hit the club at night.”

Without a doubt I can see how the sexy pantsuits and mini dresses exude this attitude, but I’m still slightly turned off by some of the other looks. I’d like to know the inspiration behind the “sea of faces” pattern printed on jumpsuits and long dresses. …or perhaps the T-shirts sporting heads made out of pineapples. Zac, there seems to be a common theme of people and fruit….. (awkward silence). The idea that this is a line for strong willed business women is easily transferred, but half of this collection is for the business women circa 1982.

More on the Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011 collection after the jump.

While sifting through the collection, one thing kept popping into my mind: Chloe Sevigny.
Chloe Sevigny. Chloe Sevingy. She wears some quirky-ass things, and I
think she’d be all up on those jumpsuits, as well as the crocheted vests
and funky layers.

I do love the spunky yellow and black plaid dresses though they did
bring to mind Seth Aaron from last season’s PR, as well as the
buttermilk yellow and black lace mini dresses. They are adorable, chic,
and so true to Mr. Posen’s style. I think Anna Paquin, Ashley Greene, and Fergie would love these minis and each one could pull them off in a different, individualized way from the next! Also, this past year Drew Barrymore wore that yellow and delicate black lace dress by the late Alexander McQueen,
and so Zac Posen’s yellow and black patterns made me think of her
fashion choices, as well. For the remainder of the minis, many of which
were black and powder blue (almost a denim chambray with some), I think Miley Cyrus could rock them, casually or formally.

All over, the Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011 collection is
extremely diverse. I won’t be surprised to see many of the designs
showing up on celebs!