Quick Hits: Will Anna Wintour Be Downgraded?

  • If Anna Wintour has to fly coach, the plane will implode. [Jossip]
  • We hope Aaron Sorkin’s new NBC show starring Matthew Perry will feature lots of Sorkin’s hooker stories. [R&M]
  • Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters shops for a few sex toys. [Two Martini Lunch]
  • Real criminals are copying shows like CSI to help them get away with crimes. [Pop Culture Junkies]
  • Nicole Kidman enjoys expensive lingerie. I’m sure Keith Urban is thrilled. [Female First]
  • Do bloggers know what they are talking about in regards to whom will be nominated for an Oscar? Of course. Look for Lindsay Lohan to be up for Best Actress for her Herbie film. [TMZ]
  • Ryan Philippe, at the SAG, glorious in his wrath. [The Corsair]