Quick Hits: Was Katie Holmes Detoxified?

  • Remember those lip sores that graced Katie Holmes’ face? Rumor has it that they are the nasty side effects of a Church of Scientology “detoxification” procedure involving the vitamin niacin. [Lowdown]
  • New Yorkers are perceived as having cold hearts. This will do nothing to dispel that opinion. [Jossip]
  • Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of Fluff. How apropos. [Gawker]
  • Neither Kevin Federline or Quentin Tarantino were present for the first birthday party of Kevin Federline’s and Shar Jackson’s son. Bastards. [Page Six]
  • Was Courtney Love’s fainting spell just that, or did she almost OD? [WOW Report]
  • Remember the masturbator that CNN posted a photo of, here’s the photo. [New York City Boys]
  • It looks like there is no gay love between Rocco DiSpirito and Jai Rodriguez after all. What a shame. [Jossip]