Quick Hits: Victoria Gotti Gets Cookin’


  • Victoria Gotti has some saucy advice for fans in her upcoming cookbook, “Hot Italian Dish.” The tome, due from ReganBooks in April, contains a chapter titled “Meats: A Lady in the Kitchen, A Whore in the Bedroom.” That Victoria is always so classy. [Page Six]
  • Congrats to the Scientologists for bagging the billionaire James Packer, son of the late Kerry Packer. Money, money, money. [Page Six]
  • Brooke Burns. Survivor. I’m sure 7/8 of the U.S. has no idea who this woman is. [People]
  • People would prefer to go camping with Saddam Hussein than Tom Cruise. [Monsters & Critics]
  • Model Josh Strickland makes his Broadway debut as Tarzan. And he’s doing so wearing a rather skimpy loincloth, not a whole lot more than the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. [Daily Dish]
  • Bijou Philips and Band-Aid heiress Casey Johnson were spotted having a screaming row for unknown reasons at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont this week. Unfortunately, the incident did not become violent. [Daily Dish]
  • Janice Dickison’s son Nathan has a MySpace. He’s kind of pretty. [bignatefrog]