Quick Hits: The FedEx T-Shirt You’ve Always Wanted


  • A Fed-Ex t-shirt that makes you look like you’re carrying a Fed-Ex package. [witz.org]
  • The return of Alexandre Despatie. I love men’s diving. [Towleroad]
  • Ariana Huffington and George Clooney still don’t quite get the difference between a blog and a blog post. [CBS]
  • Cynics said Ron Perelman married Ellen Barkin because he wanted a Hollywood trophy wife and she married him for his money. Sounds like love to me. [NYM]
  • Would you really want to win a date with Fabio? [Dlisted]
  • You may want to rethink about getting wasted in a Texas bar. [Pop Culture Junkies]
  • The only problem with a Bijou Philips lapdance on top of you is that if she spontaneously decides to cut off your finger with a cigar-cutter. you’re pretty much fucked. [The Corsair]