Quick Hits: Sienna Miller’s Boobs Are Everywhere In Her Home

January 9th, 2006 // 8 Comments
  • Actress Sienna Miller has filled her house with artwork she has created by rubbing her paint-covered breasts over canvases. Isn’t that special. [contactmusic]
  • According to reports, Jennifer Aniston chatted with Angelina Jolie. Let’s just say they won’t be braiding each others hair anytime soon. [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]
  • Kate Beckinsale thinks American football players do “the gayest dances when they score.” [FemaleFirst]
  • 43-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers singer, Anthony Kiedis, has hooked up with 19-year-old model Jessica Stam. Eww. [Page Six]
  • Thank goodness the Jordan workout video is not porn. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Utah is not a fan of gay cowboys. [AP]
  • Are you looking forward to the return of 24? Elisha Cuthbert is back, and she’s bringing along C. Thomas Howell. Yes, Ponyboy. [Just Jared]
  • Kate Moss isn’t eagar to head back to the U.K. to answer questions about that cocaine sniffing video. She doesn’t want to do something that would upset her career. [Page Six]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    Sienna Miller boob paintings? Eeeuuuwww. Whats next- Jude’s penis portraits?

    Anniston should kick Jolie’s ass if its true (which could never happen- but I’d pay to see it). Which I doubt. Come on peeps- like BRAD freaking PITT DOESN’T HAVE CALLER ID?!?!?! Of course he does- and if Jolie answered HIS phone, from ANNISTON? Just not cool. And do ya REALLY think Jolie gives a rat’s ass WHAT Anniston thinks? Uh, no. As evidenced by SCREWING HER HUSBAND WHILE THEY WERE MARRIED.

    Kate Moss. For fu$%’s sake- can’t we deport her something? Jesus H. Christ- enough already. They politiely ask her to return to face criminal drug prosecution and she thinks she’d rather not. WTF?!?!?! Sure, she is simlpy the fall guy for an industry of crack whores- but she was the crackheaded bitch that got caught… ship her ass out. If you or I got caught snorting rails of coke in public, we’d be a.) doing time for intent to distribute (she had a LOT of shit) OR b.) STILL in Hazelton trying to convince the po-po that we are on the right track…

  2. ShoeSlut

    Sienna’s such an idiot… Not only for taking Jude back (hey — what they’ll do WITH you, they’ do TO you — karma is a bitch, babe), but for sounding so conceited and acting so ditzy… Come on! Can you whore yourself out MORE to get media attention? Fine, cover your walls in breast paintings, but shut your yap about it!

    And, Kate Moss will “return to face police interrogation when she has a break in her schedule”? Puh-leeze — who gets away with this holier-than-thou crap? You’re Kate Moss for crying out loud — a scrawny, plain-jane who was catapulted to fame for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of the world…

  3. bestdress

    Sienna Miller is an idiot and I would rather her to create art out of me.
    Maybe Kate Beckinsale should stay in England? Oh and yeah Soccer is real tough.lol
    Poor Jennifer but she really needs to suck it up and get over it by now.
    Kate Moss deport her? No way she fits fine here.

  4. paleface

    Kate Beckinsale is a harebrained slag. Just when I think my hate for her irrational, she makes some ridiculous comment about how hot she is or how U.S. football players have ‘gay’ dances. Stuff it, you surgically enhanced hag.

  5. paleface

    Whoops. I meant to say ‘my hate for IS irrational’. Let this be a lesson to us all, fiery hatred may lead to bad grammar.

  6. paleface

    Whoops. I meant to say ‘my hate for her IS irrational’. Let this be a lesson to us all, fiery hatred may lead to bad grammar.

  7. doofus

    I’m with you, paleface.

    like there aren’t plenty of things the brits do that are “poofy”? like wearing girly curly gray wigs when in court? and men CURTSYING?

    if she really thinks american football is a “girls sport”, how about she comes to NJ and has Strahan and Umenyiora smear her all over the turf? we’ll even let her wear the “armor”, and we can see if she screams, too.

  8. tahdA

    You people may be the “idiots”. I read this article concerning the “tit paintings”. Sienna Miller had been studying up on Edie Sedgwick and all of the Warhol factory members for her new film “Factory Girl” the breast paintings she was talking about out are prints of factory member “bridget berlins” 1960s art collection dubbed the “Tit Paintings”. So Bridget Berlin’s tit’s not Sienna’s. Check your facts people.

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