Quick Hits: Sharon Stone Loves ‘Lesbian Sports’

  • Sharon Stone has a love for “lesbian sports” such as as fishing, golfing and baseball. [Contact Music]
  • The Golden Globes have been moved from Sunday night to Monday night to avoid competing with Desperate Housewives. The housewives have some power. [BBC]
  • Designers Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana may no longer be a couple, but they do want children, and they don’t see the point to gay marriage (really marriage in itself). [Independent]
  • Mike Tyson has been boasting about his 14 inch penis (he he). I’m thinking it can’t grow that much. [Proceed at your own risk – NSFW]
  • Why on earth does Lisa Gastineau exist? [Page Six]
  • Exposed genitalia finally comes to the Japanese silver screen. [Mainichi]