Quick Hits: Say Goodbye To The Bluths


  • It looks as if Arrested Development will not be coming back after all. Squish squish. [Better Than Fudge]
  • Senator John Kerry is one picky man. He hates celery and any tomato-based products. Kind of ironic when your married to a Heinz. [TSG]
  • The Friends reunion is being hampered by Matthew Perry, of all people. [IOL]
  • Nicole Kidman’s dad is one smart man. He’s recommending she get a prenup before marrying Keith Urban. [National Ledger]
  • Former New Kid on the Block member Jordan Knight made the best career move of his life by pulling out of the latest installment of The Surreal Life. [Gatecrasher]
  • If you’re looking for some Crystal Meth, why not call Angel? [Gawker]
  • Jodie Foster kept to keep a very unladylike word in Spike Lee’s latest film The Inside Man. [Papermag Blogs]