Quick Hits: Sarah Silverman Likes The Word Balls

  • Did you enjoy Sarah Silverman hosting the Independent Spirit Awards? Better Than Fudge has an interview with Sarah about her experience hosting. Part One and Part Two. (Better Than Fudge)
  • Sharon Stone revealed that during her earlier bout with brain cancer “I was close to death at one point and saw the white light many people claim they see.” [Scoop]
  • We don’t quite know how we missed this earlier. Did Harvey Weinstein or Harvey Fierstein star in Hairspray. [Gawker]
  • Who would have guessed Zulema from Project Runway was a lesbian? In hindsight yes, but I when watching the show, I had no clue. [Queerty]
  • Madonna said she’d be up for a little nip and tuck. [3am]
  • Jessica Simpson is going to Washington. The singer will be lobbying members of Congress on behalf of a children’s charity. You mean she’ll have to speak? We wish her all the best. [FemaleFirst]
  • ABC is looking to Diane Sawyer to take over ABC Nightly News. This is all do to Bob Woodruff’s accident and Elizabeth Vargas getting knocked up. [FOXNews]
  • I would have never thought that Joan Rivers would have been up for internet dating. [Defamer]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is getting closer to posing for Playboy. Would this offend her Ghost Whisperer fans? [Tittle-Tattle]