Quick Hits: Sarah Silverman Likes The Word Balls

March 9th, 2006 // 5 Comments
  • Did you enjoy Sarah Silverman hosting the Independent Spirit Awards? Better Than Fudge has an interview with Sarah about her experience hosting. Part One and Part Two. (Better Than Fudge)
  • Sharon Stone revealed that during her earlier bout with brain cancer “I was close to death at one point and saw the white light many people claim they see.” [Scoop]
  • We don’t quite know how we missed this earlier. Did Harvey Weinstein or Harvey Fierstein star in Hairspray. [Gawker]
  • Who would have guessed Zulema from Project Runway was a lesbian? In hindsight yes, but I when watching the show, I had no clue. [Queerty]
  • Madonna said she’d be up for a little nip and tuck. [3am]
  • Jessica Simpson is going to Washington. The singer will be lobbying members of Congress on behalf of a children’s charity. You mean she’ll have to speak? We wish her all the best. [FemaleFirst]
  • ABC is looking to Diane Sawyer to take over ABC Nightly News. This is all do to Bob Woodruff‘s accident and Elizabeth Vargas getting knocked up. [FOXNews]
  • I would have never thought that Joan Rivers would have been up for internet dating. [Defamer]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is getting closer to posing for Playboy. Would this offend her Ghost Whisperer fans? [Tittle-Tattle]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    Jeanette Walls over at MSNBC needs to get her story straight, I think–Sharon Stone didn’t have brain cancer; she had a brain aneurysm.

  2. anon0323

    Cheesy’s right. It was an aneursym. Although brain cancer would explain some of her outfits the last few years. (Oh lighten up, it’s a joke! If you can’t laugh then you’re in real trouble.)

  3. Gin

    Why does that JLH in playboy story keep getting reposted? Tittle-tattle referenced the rumor that was in Star in January as if it was new news. Am I missing something?

  4. californiageri


    I’m with you, but that web site constantly re-posts stories as if they are new.

    Today – I read a Jennifer Aniston story by that same site they ran a month ago.

    I knew it looked familiar so I googled it.

    Sure enough.


    Plus this JLH story they completely lifted from the food critic from the Chicago Sun-Times.


    Post Chronicle, Tittle- Tattle whatever they are they sure like to re-post stuff.

    It’s like spam.

  5. Gin

    Hah, so not only are they posting old stories but they are lifting them word for word from other websites without credit? Funny. Thanks for pointing that out californiageri.

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