Quick Hits: Prince Charles And The Bloody Media

  • First Britney complains about the media, and now we’ve got the ever cranky Prince Charles doing the same. Mumbling under his breath at a photocall with sons William and Harry, the heir to the throne was caught on the assembled microphones saying: “I hate doing this.” Confronted by a phalanx of reporters and photographers, he whispered “Bloody people!” [Yahoo! News]
  • Joan Kennedy, ex-wife of Ted Kennedy, was found passed out cold on a city street in Boston. She was found at 3 a.m., and received a concussion and broken shoulder. Here’s hoping that she just tripped and fell. [Daily Dish]
  • So Johnnie Cochran has an afterlife blog. Not much has happen, except for the fact that it’s pretty hot where he is. [TOJCAB]
  • Who’s racking up another felony? It’s Michael Lohan. Lindsay Lohan’s father, had charges upgraded from a misdemeanor to felony charges, for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, came in part because of he allegedly drove with a suspended license. [People]
  • Madonna has some Chihuahua troubles. Apparently, after she gave her three dogs away, they weren’t taken care of properly. One died and two needed extensive dental work. Paris Hilton would never let this happen! [Chihuahua Buddies]