Quick Hits: Patty Hearst And Katie Holmes Should Talk

  • The taking of Katie Holmes paralleled with the taking of Patty Heart. [Pop Culture Junkies and Rob Thurman via omg blog]
  • Whose not getting our vote for mother of the year – Sharon Stone. She left her baby in her limousine (while being looked after by the chauffer) for more than two hours while she was having dinner in London. [Daily Mail]
  • My blog husband, Ron Mwangaguhunga, was not named hottest bachelor blogger (maybe it’s because of the blog marriage thing). [Gawker]
  • It looks like Paris Latsis’ families wealth ($7.5 billion) is not exactly clean money. “They say they make their money through shipping, but the real wealth comes from arms and oil,” says a source close to the family. [Radar]
  • Those French are at it again. Oprah wanted to shop at the Hermes store in the City of Light, the store refused entry to the talk show queen. “Oprah didn’t have her hair done,” says a source. “When she tried the door, they refused her entry because they have been ‘having a problem with North Africans’ lately’ and obviously had no clue who she was.” [Page Six]
  • Sean Combs is furious that a court has ordered Combs to pay more than $250,000 a year to fashion stylist Misa Hylton-Brim, mother of his beloved 11-year-old son Justin. Combs had plenty to say about it. “This is not about the money,” Combs said. “This is about me as a father. “And this is not about my son. My child is being used. There’s a scam that’s going on.” [Daily Dish]
  • What’s up with Jesse Metcalfe and his new “gay vague” look? [Towleroad]
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