Quick Hits: Paris Latsis Puts Out

June 24th, 2005 // 9 Comments
  • Paris Latsis has bought Paris Hilton a $12 million home. I guess it doesn’t always suck to be Paris Hilton. [Sky Showbiz]
  • Wow. Another TV show that we don’t need. Celebrity Idol. [realityblurred]
  • Ashley Judd tries not to stare at Senator Joe Biden’s atrocious hair plugs. [The Corsair]
  • Okay, so NBC loves the gays after all. [GLAAD via Towleroad]
  • Beyonce breaks down over breakup of Destiny’s Child. On MTV’s TRL. [FemaleFirst]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sissy

    This girl must have some GOOD karma. The luck just never runs out. Born rich, marrying even richer.
    He’s not a Greek God, but he’s quite an adonis (though his clothes are a bit – SAY WHAT?!! )
    She has got a burgeoning media empire going on – film, album, club,tv prog, adverts… then there;s the accessories: perfume, bags…). She’s probably pregnant so successful home life. But do we like her? Its like the more people bitch the more she gets rich…

  2. Ella

    Perfectly stated…

  3. LALA

    I hate paris here’s why….

    ahhhh paris the girl everyone hates to love and LOVES to hate. Keep up the good uh, “work” aristo-brat.

  4. Maria

    I hate Paris too, and here is why:
    She is not nice to people, she is racist, shallow and materialistic, and she flaunts herself like a sex object. She is more self-absorbed than I thought possible. I find it maddening that someone with no brains, personality or self-respect is idolized. Really shows how sick our society is. And no, I am not jealous. She can have her millions. I would not want to be her.

  5. hehey

    lucky bitch ;)

  6. Sissy

    Maria- I kinda agree with you. The Paris phenomenon is amazing for all the wrong reasons. I neither love nor hate her, but I am amazed at how she seems to be unstoppable. Everything she wants she gets… This means we’re in for a successful Paris pop career. Resistance seems futile.
    One pt, Is she racist? Nicole was her friend, her fiance ok he is not black, but hes not a WASP…I suppose his dad’s bank balance may have just swung things.

  7. Gossip Guru

    Ilove Paris Hilton.She is a self-absorbed materialistic bitch, who hates everyone. And she does not pretend to be anything else. She comes from an uber wealthy family and she was raised with people who have the same mentality as her. She plays up the whole dumb party girl thing becuase “all publicity is good publicity”.The longer she keeps her name in the papers the more offers she gets to market products and sell her name.

  8. Nia

    I think she is right up there with Tom Cruise–dangerous. Lots of teen girls idolize her, and that can not be a good thing. The woman flaunts herself like a sex toy and is proud of it. She is famous for all the wrong reasons, and frankly, I find it disturbing that someone like her is raised to celebrity status. She has no brains, morals, manners, education or modesty. And her shallowness knows no bounds. Not exactly what we want people modeling themselves after.

  9. RhymE

    Not that I expect my opinion to matter (which just sounds silly because of course it does), but I personally wouldn’t lose a moment of sleep over launching this dumb bitch into the sun.
    What I don’t understand is why none of the people she’s fucked have come forward and sued her for all she’s worth.(that is of course assuming she’s passed on any of her STD’s which there’s a 97.5& chance that she has, in other words…unquestionable)
    She can rot in the gutter for all I care.

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