Quick Hits: New Yorkers, Please Beware Of The Pedestrian Killing Bouncers

  • With the numbers of people being killed by enraged bouncers climbing daily, it’s probably best that you review the Enraged Bouncers FAQ. [Banterist]
  • News flash! Mary-Kate Olsen turns down food. [Lowdown]
  • Mothers are backing Britney Spears. “The woman just can’t get a break!” says Lenna Janick, a mother of two in Ijamsville, Md. “I mean, I’m not gonna say that I love her. I don’t know if she’s a good mother or not. But she’s human.” [MSNBC]
  • Bono’s bulge almost halted his travel plans – his buldging passport that is. Bono was shocked to discover there were no pages left in the document for any more onward travel. [IOL]
  • Rapper Beanie Sigel, the popular rapper who has been shadowed by his violent past, was wounded by gunfire during an attempted robbery early Thursday. [USA Today]
  • Has Antonio Sabato Jr. had some work done. He’s looking slightly more angular than before. [Awful Plastic Surgery]