Quick Hits: Meg Ryan Takes Part In The Adoption Craze

January 20th, 2006 // 26 Comments
  • It looks like Meg Ryan is adpoting a Chinese baby. It’s all the rage. [Hollywood.com]
  • Australian star, Dame Edna, is coming to an Australian postage stamp near you. [The Age]
  • What caused Billy Bush and Jonathan Rhys Meyers to kiss? Charity. [Oh la la Paris]
  • The Smoking Gun broke the James Frey fake book story, and don’t forget it. [Jossip]
  • Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan‘s mothers have gong wild. [National Ledger]
  • Meet Christopher Bilodeau, the love child of Ted Kennedy. [Wonkette]
  • Pete Doherty pleads guilty to one of the many drug charges he was arrested for. [ABC News]
  • The deal making has already begun at Sundance. [The Corsair]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    Congrats Meg.

    Hey- I’m all for giving kids who need it a home, but why can’t these people start looking, oh I don’t know, say in West Virginia?!?!?! Why do they go to freaking Cambodia and Asia and Africa? I’m just saying… maybe Brad and Angelina could taken a trip to Compton instead of Costa Rica… no disrespect to Compton, of course.

    I’m happy babies are finding loving homes, I just don’t think this whole 3rd world glamorization of infants thing is cool…

  2. West Virginia Trash

    Girly Girl do you know ho ignorant you sound. People don’t understand a child starving in Ethiopia is not the same as one poor here. At least in Compton you have food stanps. Seriously. Imagine being inte middle of a desert with no food. Have you skin these thousands of kids who are skin and bones in places like Ethiopia? How can you compare them to a poor kid here? How can you? Do we have camps of starving people in this country? No! They have welfare. Come one. I know welfare is not great but it keeps you from dying of starvation which is what third world kids are going through. So adopting in those countries is more of an emergency. Get a grip peple!

  3. ev

    Actually it’s been estimated that some 30 million Americans live in POVERTY (I think the threshold is making under $12,000/year), and a great majority have no healthcare, probably no foodstamps due to bureaucracy, etc. So maybe you need to open your eyes “west virginia trash” and realize that in even the richest countries there are those literally dying of poverty- and I’m a republican!

    I agree with you girly girl, although it may sound to some like you think the ethopians, etc. are undeserving to be adopted over American children by the way you stated it.

  4. Amelie

    What I dont understand is how there can be so many babies in the US that are given up for adoption. Don’t you have (free) birthcontrol for teenagers?

  5. ev

    Well, if there was, I didn’t know about it. It’s illegal in most states to have sex before 17, so I don’t know how a teenage girl could go get her own for free. I know that you can go with your parents and if they agreed then you can have it (and pay for it). But the girls who get pregnant at 13-15 years old obviously aren’t thinking about their health in the first place anyways.

  6. West Virginia Trash

    All I am saying Ev is Americans can be so whiny! We complain about how bad we have it. So what if some Americans live on under $12,000 a year. There are people in the world living on $2,000 a year!!! We are so spoiled and don’t realize how good we have it. Yes, things are not perfect here but we are doing ok compared to the rest of the world. Try living in Ahghanistan for a year or Somalia. All I am saying is we need to shut up and stop complaining just cause we don’t have the latest model freakin’ SUV. We don’t have entire villages dying of hunger in this country. And that is what some other countries have to face. We are so ungrateful in this country!!!! Get a grip!

  7. ev

    “We don’t have entire villages dying of hunger in this country” ? Are you kidding? And ‘so what if people have to live under $12,000/year?’

    It’s called COST OF LIVING you moron. $2000 here and $2000 in Africa is entirely different! You obviously have never been to other countries to even know how much stuff costs. How can anyone afford decent housing and food for a family with 10-12,000 in this country?? Just because there are maybe people in worse conditions in the world, doesn’t mean there isn’t poverty here. Open your eyes. Go to a shelter, to the projects. They have nothing. There’s nothing “ignorant” about wanting to adopt a disadvantaged child in the US. They need a family and love too.

  8. ev

    Oh and you can be damn well sure they aren’t worrying about not having the newest SUV. What an ignorant statement. I’m just so appalled that someone could be so blind to the glaring class differences in the United States.

  9. West Virginia Trash

    Ev Sweetie, you sound like a – gasp – lefty Democrat! But you say you are Republican. Ha Ha. Maybe you need to switch parties. Stop whining. Americans have it good and they should just shut up already. We waste so much in this freakin’ country. If you’re so gung ho about the projects, Miss Republican, why don’t you donate a percentage of your salary or move to Compton! Compton – the new Somalia, RIGHT! We are the world. We are the children, EV! Hey, can you gimme some bread? I am a starving American and need help. All countries of the world, listen up! America needs help. Forget starving kids in Mexico, Somalia, Afghanistan, South Africa, Brazil, Eastern Europe – forget about them. America needs help. We’re starving! We’re out of sirloin steak!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

  10. ev

    I never said that Americans should forget about others accross the world. In fact they give the most out of any country in the world. And, I have donated money to various charitable organizations, both for international and national purposes. And I hardly see how moving to Compton will prove that there isn’t poverty in America?

    And I hardly see how calling me a Democrat is supposed to be some awful insult. I don’t agree with them usually, but I don’t think they’re destroying America or anything. I’m actually Libertarian, but would vote Republican. I’m not saying handouts should be given to where they aren’t needed, I’m not really a fan of welfare, but to say that there isn’t a crisis in our own country is irresponsible. Have you seen New Orleans lately? Why do you think many of them couldn’t leave the city? Why do you think so many people died, were displaced, can’t afford to come back, stayed in an overcrowded, nasty stadium for so long without help? Give me a break.

    Personal attacks and weird suggestions suggest lack of substance to support your argument.

  11. YouAsshole

    ev said:

    “It’s called COST OF LIVING you moron. $2000 here and $2000 in Africa is entirely different! How can anyone afford decent housing and food for a family with 10-12,000 in this country?? ”

    Good God !! You are such an ignorant you make me scream ! I am Romanian and I worked in “your country” for 500 $ per month, that is 6 000 a year and MY LIFE WAS MORE THAN “DECENT” with this money compared with how life in Romania is. When ppl like you whine about how hard it is to live with 12 000 $/year it`s just … I don`t even know how to call this without cursing. yes, poor children in US also need care and lovin but YOU CAN NOT compare them with an etiopian child, a cambodgian child, a chinese child. They are skin and bones, not “poor” – STARVING TO DEATH you moron ! In Romania there are children freasing to death ! They find them dead in the morning, in their houses ! Their parents can not afford paying for the heat do you even begin to imagine how it is to be so cold that you can not feel anything but PAIN ?! And still, I KNOW the sitiation in Cambodia is much worse than here. Jessus you people shoud be forced to live in China or Cambodia for 2 weeks and than you will return and bless your country. IGNORANTS!

  12. YouAsshole

    I am sorry for my writting mistakes .. that post really made me angry.

  13. Kelsey

    Look guys, calm the frick down.
    There is pain and poverty all over the world, and instead of bickering about which country is more destitute, maybe we should just put our energy into trying to make solutions. You can’t compare a kid from Compton to a kid from Cambodia, they are in different situations. Kids from Cambodia are starving, poor and not likely to see their next birthday half the time. However, a kid in Compton (for example) may come from a broken, battered home, where yes there is an income, but it may be spent on drugs or alcohol. As they grow up, they may be involved in a life of possibly crime, seeing as this is the only way they feel they can get what they need…and likewise may not live to see their next birthday. ALL countries have horrible stories like these, and we as more privilaged people can stop arguing and put our money where our mouth is. Look for solutions. Adopt from Compton if you feel it is important…or from a 3rd or 5th world country if you feel that that choice is more important. Either way, you are helping. And if you can’t adopt, look for a way to start the ball rolling on other solutions. Like free birth control (which comes a lot easier from separation of church and state) which I know in some countries that will take YEARS and may not ever happen… And even in Canada…a developed country, you still have to pay for it even if it is subsidized. Let’s face it, people are going to have sex, and they will make babies. It happens. So let’s look for a solution instead of arguing about the problem.

  14. ev

    “Youasshole”- I’m sorry you are upset. My argument was not that Americans in general have it “worse” than 3rd world countries, it just angered me that the other poster seems to think there isn’t a poverty situation in the united states at all- and had the nerve to say that they were worried about “the newest SUV”. That angered me, rightfully so.

  15. West Virginia Trash

    EV: Of course there is a poverty problem in this country. I recognize that. You Repulicans, Ev, have designed that system. I went to college – I know the economic structure of this country. But in your original post you said why don’t stars adopt from west virginia or compton instead of 3rd world countries. I was responding to that very ignorant comment. Posters such as You ass Hole and Kelsey to a degree basically made the point I was making quite eloquently. Poverty here is not the same as poverty in freakin’ Calcutta, India!!!!! Never will be! I would adopt a starving Indian child before I adopt a poor child here because I know in India – there is NOTHING in terms of a system to help that child. And, yes, I have traveled the world, That’s why I can tell you seeing children in third world countries never stepping foot in a classroom because their parents can’t afford it or walking miles for drinkable water is not the same as poverty here. One of my friends from a third world country told me she saw children drinking gutter water because they did not have water. Poverty in US is not the same as this and NEVER will be. So Meg, Angelina, Brad, Mia Farrow, etc – keep adopting overseas!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ev

    “But in your original post you said why don’t stars adopt from west virginia or compton instead of 3rd world countries.”

    If you were responding to that, maybe you should take note that it wasn’t me who said that people should adopt from Compton and not cambodia. I never said that. I was responding to your apparent disbelief that poverty could exist in America. What is this, a contest to see who can be worse-off? What’s wrong with an American adopting from America for the better of the country and the child if they choose? Nothing, and you shouldn’t pass judgement on them either. And I’m pretty sure that I didn’t design the system, as you put it. And as for your “eloquent” presentation, I’m pretty sure making broad exaggerations and using stereotypes and applying them to people who ARE in poverty isn’t eloquent nor effective, nor is using 10 exclmation points, nor is making judgements about people who claim to belong to one political party or another. Part of the problem with politics is that when you align yourself with a party, people automattically think that you must agree with the most extreme views of that party, which is not true. It’s not like I go up to democrats and say “hey, you’re all socialists, don’t have any ideas for economic growth in the country, mindless baby killers, etc.” And so I expect the same respect.

  17. West Virginia Trash

    Whatever Ev !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ev

    Nice comeback…er…not

  19. West Virginia Trash

    Ev, I’m sending you on the express bus to Compton to hang with your peeps and adopt some kids from the inner city so you can feel GOOD about yourself. That way, you may be too busy to continue writing DUMB posts. Bye, My Socially Conscious Republican Sweetie. Bye Bye. Say hi to Dubya – maybe you can convince him to adopt one of those poor Compton kids that you Republicans love SOOO much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ev

    Yeah, you sound like a really caring person.

    You’ve moved from focusing on the 3rd world to attacking me. And note that I never got an answer about New Orleans poverty- probably where it’s the worst. You make it sound like it’s wrong to take care of our own. They ran newspaper headlines in Europe exclaiming, “the shame of America” regarding New Orleans slums. Why, because everything’s so great? I think not. In fact, since you admit that we are so wealthy a country, since we are supposed to represent freedom, progress, and a country without shame and poverty, why isn’t anyone outraged that this is even an issue? I am. If you hate me, you’d really hate John Edwards- he’s researching poverty, who it affects, and ways to fix it in America- the nerve!

    And if someone tells me that Americans only care about themselves, don’t start. I never implied that. I DO care- esp. about the situation in Darfur. http://www.savedarfur.com/

    Peace :)

  21. West Virginia Trash

    Hey Ev, You are probably not worthy of this information based on you rudeness but ‘ll I’ll share this with you. I am biracial. One of my parents is Arian white and the other is Black American. I know both sides – black/white; poor/rich. I know one thing. Nothing pisses me off more than bratty Americans who are comfortable like the ones I grew up with who think they are so inflicted with hardship. They also, on some superficial level, think they are so connected to the poor in this country. They are so focused on America America America and they cannot see the rest of the world and their suffering. My dad, who is white comes from a rich family and my mom who is black struggled for everything she had. But they taught me that there is a world out there and I need to be ready to pay attention to that world. So, once again, let me reiterate – there are problems more grave than the ones Americans face – trust me. Don’t talk to me about New Orleans because your ignorant Republican president ignored those people because they were black and poor. I know that. However, after the disaster, America has millions that it can send over to New Orleans to try to fix Dubya’s gross mistake. What do the Pakistanis who a month later went through an earthquake have? More disaster and hunger. And more people died in that earthquake than did here. Does the media cover that and care? Noooooo! Only if Americans suffer do we care. That is the embarrassing truth so let’s just accept it. Maybe if you switched to a better political party – you could think more clearly.

  22. ev

    “Maybe if you switched to a better political party – you could think more clearly.”

    Probably one of the most ignorant things said in this entire argument. Like I said, people focus too much on blaming political parties and not on what the individual says they believe. I can be republican/libertarian and still not agree with the President, which many times I don’t. Did you ever think of that?

    And I’m not poor, if you’re trying to imply that I want a handout. I’m pretty sure I never said that I was the one inflicted with hardship. And poverty existed in New Orleans way before Bush. The hurricanes brought the subject into focus. And I really don’t see how being biracial makes you an expert on poverty?

    And as far as the media- what about the genocide going on in Darfur for years? No one EVER hears about that. And I do remember the enormous coverage and aid given to tsunami victims. I don’t think Americans are selfish people, quite the opposite. But media does dictate what the majority sees/hears about. I honestly don’t know what the argument is about anymore, I merely thought that saying that adopting poor American children was ignorant, was well, too harsh and uncalled for.

    Anyways, I wish you wouldn’t get so angry and make hurtful personal attacks, it seems we do agree on some things. Better to care about poverty than not at all, eh?

  23. West Virginia Trash

    I brought up being biracial and from parents of different socio-economic status because I am a product of two extreme experiences so I am not ignorant to either side. But in the end, I agree, at least we both have something in common – a concern for poverty – wherever it is in the world. So, cool. A truce is called. Wish you the best.

  24. Single_mum

    There is a big difference btwn. poverty in Africa and America. Lest say Kenya for example, its one of the biggest country that is corrupted from head to toe.
    Right now there is droguth everywere in North Kenya, the goverment dont give a flyng **** about them so they take the money and they buy cool cars for them and the all family and people are dyng, just because some dum politician had to buy a very expensive cars.
    I was reading the news papper the other day, many people are complaining about this, even people are donating food but some idots decided to steel it.
    In Africa it will always be like this it will never change, babies dyng of aids, hunger…at least in America they have money for this. Im shoer American Orphanges have everything here they dont have milk for the oprhan babie.

    In Kenya there are so many people who live on the street and the gov. is doing nothing, everyday i see them sleeping on the pavement and i cry.

    Im white and i have adopted a Kenyan baby. My english is not that good, but i hope i made a point.

  25. adoptivemom!

    Well, I want to post in a different direction. Has it ever occured to anyone here that maybe a person adopts to expand his/her family and not just as a social duty??? Sure, it’s nice to help, but adopting a child JUST because it makes you feel like you’ve done your social obligation, doesn’t prepare you raise that child.

    After researching, maybe Ms. Ryan found that China’s adoption program was the best program for her and her family(it is vastly different from the U.S. adoption system). Sure, one can adopt in the U.S., but how familiar are you within the U.S (and many other countries too)aren’t available for adoption. Maybe they are in foster care?

    Quite frankly, I’m disappionted that so many of you have had such strong oppinions when it’s obvious that none of you have ever researched adoption–domestic or international!

  26. Donna

    I stopped reading comments after about the fourth but let me toss in that I worked for the welfare department for 13 years and I know first hand that everyone who qualifies for food stamps gets them. And the other 50% on foodstamps who don’t qualify actually manage to get them too.

    I’ve adopted from China and my child lived a life in one of China’s “better” orphanages that doesn’t even start to compare to the life most impoverished kids in the USA live. Drinking water had to be boiled, intestinal parisites were common, temps were in the 100′s and there was no air-conditioning, and the ratio of caregivers to orphans was about 1:30. But I didn’t pick China because of that. I picked China because here in the USA, the child’s toothless, crack addicted mother could waltz back into our life and take the baby back up to 6 months after the adoption was final. And statistics show that 1/3 do!


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