Quick Hits: Mariah Carey Shows A Little Bra

  • When will Mariah Carey learn that she doesn’t always have to how off the tits? [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]
  • Mariah is also nominated for a shitload of Grammys. The cleavage pays off after all. [Defamer]
  • Poor Heidi Klum. She and the producers of Project Runway are being sued once again. [People]
  • Wilmer Valderrama kept love letters from an ex-girlfriend. That bastard! [SFG Daily Dish]
  • Naomi Watts plays Fay Wray. [Egotastic]
  • Our little Lindsay Lohan seems to have a crush on Angelina Jolie. How very Gia of her. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Gavin Henson needs to up his fake tanning skills a tad. [Towleroad]