Quick Hits: Let The Brooke Shields – Tom Cruise Feud End

June 17th, 2005 // 3 Comments

  • Brooke Shields wants to end the feud between her and Tom Cruise. She tells PEOPLE magazine, “I’ll see him in WAR OF THE WORLDS. “I agree with him about his feeling on prescribing drugs to kids. We are in accord. I don’t think Ritalin should be prescribed to kids.” But Shields insists that Cruise took his comments one step too far, adding, “Post-partum depression is a different matter. I think I’m more qualified to talk about that (than he is).” Can I hear an amen! [FemaleFirst]
  • What is Wesley Snipes doing with a South African passport? The South African passport bears Snipes’s South African ID number, his full name and his photograph. But the ID number on the passport is false, according to both the Home Affairs Department and Independent Electoral Commission websites. The actor’s place of birth in the South African passport is given as the US. What’s up with that? [IOL]
  • We know that Hollywood is full of lies, and LA.com has Movieline’s top ten list. [LA.com]
  • Naomi Watts is stating for the record that she’s not a suicidal person. [WebIndia]
  • What’s the worst or most embarrassing CD you ever bought? Lisa Lisa’s LL 77. [Stereogum]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I’d just like to say that, since my recent engagement to Katie Holmes, I don’t have time for petty bickering! I’m too much in love!


    /cruise impersonation.

    The guy is nuts.

  2. Ciara

    Tom just know when to shut up.

  3. Lorri

    Go Brooke. I’ve a comment and if it was posted earlier, please forgive me. What does Cruise know about psychiatry? From what I recall, he didn’t even graduate high school yet Brooke gets a degree from Princeton! Enough said.

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