Quick Hits: Keeping Track Of Pat O’Brien’s Dirty Mouth

  • Keep track of how often Pat O’Brien says “fuck”, keep track of the pickup lines, and his other signals with the Pat O’Brien Sexual Harassment Scoreboard. [GorrillaMask]
  • Michael Jackson’s past to be allowed in court. What’s even more interesting is that the BBC names the boy in this article. [BBC]
  • Mariah Carey dangles her twins over a balcony. I’m sure she was just airing them out after a busy birthday weekend. [The Corsair]
  • Prince Charles has been told to apologize to Camilla’s ex-husband, by the Church of England. Well I’m sure that will be that. [Daily Dish]
  • An ingenious man has developed the perfect gift to give all your Democrat friends. It’s a device that blocks the FOX News Channel from any television. [ABC News]