Quick Hits: Jordan Is A Whiz With Some Needle And Thread

  • Who knew that Jordan enjoys sewing? If it weren’t for Charlie Sheen, we wouldn’t have much to report this afternoon. [FemaleFirst]
  • Singer Dannii Minogue is releasing a song about her sister Kylie’s battle with cancer. Younger sister Dannii has “poured her heart out” in the song, ‘Under Pressure’, describing the turmoil she felt when her sister was diagnosed. [IOL]
  • A former friend of Kate Moss’ is set to tell police that she witnessed Kate snorting cocaine and popping pills. But really, who hasn’t? [FemaleFirst]
  • Entourage star Kevin Dillon married his long-time fiance Jane Stewart in a quickie wedding in Vegas. [contactmusic]
  • Kelly Ripa was one of the first celebs to send Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes a baby gift for their daughter, Suri. Ripa went to the children’s luxury Web site, www.felderandcharles.com, and placed a rush order on a pair of Roberto Cavalli ballerina Swarovski-crystal crib shoes at a whopping $114. Someone wants an interview really badly. [Page Six]
  • X Files star Gillian Anderson and her husband photojournalist and filmmaker Julian Ozanne announced today that they are separating. [IOL]