Quick Hits: Johnny Weir Likes To Shop

  • How did Ice Princess Johnny Weir spend his days in Turin, Italy? Shopping. Like any true Ice Princess, Johnny loves his Louis Vuitton. [Washington Post]
  • Hilary Swank will be both muse and spokesperson for a new women’s fragrance by Guerlain to be launched later this year. I’m not sure if I’d wear anything in which Hilary Swank was a muse for. [AP]
  • Model-turned-actress Elizabeth Hurley has rubbished reports she is pregnant with her second child. She was just looking fat. [Hollywood.com]
  • The obnoxious Jamie Foxx, in the 14th minute of milking that fucking “Ray” Oscar, hijacks the fuck out of yet another otherwise decent party. [The Corsair]
  • Kid Rock showed up at Pangaeea at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida with ten models, and was overheard saying – “It does not get better than this: babes, booze and music.” Some things never change. [Page Six]
  • Don’t mention the name Howard Stern to CBS/Infinity chairman Les Moonves. Mr. Moonves is about to launch a $500 million lawsuit against his departed superstar Howard Stern. Apparently Les becomes uncontrollable with rage when Howard Stern’s name is mentioned. Easy Les. [Page Six]
  • Bobby Brown is stirring up Whitney Houston pregnancy rumors. I’m sure it’s just another one of Bobby’s games, but if there is any true to it, I’m calling up child services myself. [IOL]
  • Rapper Master P makes a courtroom appearance in regards to the felony gun charges that he’s been charged with, and TMZ has the video. [TMZ]