Quick Hits: Johnnie Cochran Dead

  • Johnnie Cochran has died. The lawyer who got OJ off, passed away from a brain tumor at his home in Los Angeles. [AP]
  • The Olsen twins are selling their Manhattan condo before they’ve ever moved in. It was apparently too much space for their little selves. [E Online]
  • The Disney-Miramax divorce is final. Bob and Harvey Weinstein will remain co-chairs of Miramax until September 30th. Within the next coming weeks a announcement of the Weinstein’s new company should be announced. [HR]
  • Preview audiences were annoyed by Ashton Kutcher’s Kabbalah bracelet showing up on his wrist in his lastest opus “Guess Who.” So what did the studio do? The spent $100K on digitally removing the offending bracelet from the film. [Scoop]
  • Cynthia Nixon made fun of her lesbian self at Sarah Jessica Parker’s 40th birthday bash. The biggest news was that Kim Cattrall was in attendance. [Daily Dish]