Quick Hits: Jessica Alba Wants Out Of Iraq

  • It looks like Jessica Alba still isn’t giving love to George W. Bush. She’s unhappy that her Army reservist uncle may after to return to Iraq after just returning home recently. “I just don’t have a great feeling about what we’re doing in Iraq,” Alba told me last July. “I don’t know why we’re there.” [Lowdown]
  • Jonathan Antin really wants you to like his Dirt. He’s in promotion overdrive. [WOW Report]
  • I still don’t believe that Jared Leto is dating Ashley Olsen. She must be really good in bed, otherwise, I just don’t get it. [Teen Hollywood]
  • 450 sheep jumped to their deaths following the lead of one suicidal sheep. [AP]
  • Jennifer Aniston has collapsed on the set of The Break Up. She was officially diagnosed as having heatstroke, but the Daily Mail making it look like it’s all because of Brad. [Daily Mail]
  • He’s gone on the record folks. Vince Vaughn has denied he’s dating Jennifer Aniston. [Softpedia]