Quick Hits: It’s All Angelina Jolie’s Fault

  • Jennifer Aniston doesn’t blame Brad Pitt for the divorce, she blames the she-devil Angelina Jolie. [Star]
  • It looks like rap star Lil’ Kim is enjoying prison after all. “I am in general population at FDC and I have adjusted to the facility and to my fellow inmates, who are all cool people. [IOL]
  • Madonna parks anywhere she damn well pleases. [Sky]
  • Supreme Court Justice to be, John Roberts drives a minivan. Shudder. [Gawker]
  • The husband of Broadway legend Bernadette Peters was killed in a helicopter crash this week. Condolences. [Daily Dish]
  • Eddie Murphy’s soon to be ex-wife Nicole and her boyfriend having been using Eddie’s name for perks. But the plan backfired at Cain. Finding all the dance-floor tables occupied, Daniels informed one of his fellow patrons, “I want your table.” The patron said no, to which he responded, “Don’t you know who we are?” Another pal piped up, “She is Eddie Murphy’s wife.” A surprised staffer muttered, “Not anymore she isn’t.” Snap. [R&M]
  • It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Charlotte Church calls Christina Aguilera the “nastiest celebrity I’ve ever met”. [FemaleFirst]
  • What is happening at US Weekly? The magazine’s marketing head, Gary Armstrong, would be “on hiatus” for a month. An insider said, “He was sent to rehab.” Armstrong was told to deal with his drinking after he was ejected from the Us Weekly Young Hollywood Hot 20 party. [Page Six]