Quick Hits: Is Moses A Clue To Gwyneth Paltrow’s Psyche?


  • Psychologists and others who have worked with high-profile performers say that the naming of children can function as a window into a psyche. Perhaps subconsciously, they say, stars seize the opportunity of parenthood to express their obsessions, ambitions and inner quirks in a way that is, for a change, unscripted and not stage-managed by publicists. If this is true, I don’t think any publicist would have come up with Apple and Moses as baby names for a client. [NYT]
  • The Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise freakshow is eerily similar to the Asian horror film Three… Extremes. [Pop Culture Junkies]
  • While I sympathize with Ashanti for the tragic loss of her cousin, I fail to see how this is remotely a newsworthy item. [Yahoo! Music]
  • Melissa Etheridge and her wife, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, have announced on the singer’s website that Michaels is pregnant. Congrats to them both. [Melissa Etheridge]
  • Karrine “Superhead” Steffans – the hip-hop hoochie who blabbed about hooking up with practically every rapper on the planet in her tawdry best-seller, “Confessions of a Video Vixen” – has made the jump into porn. We are happy that she has finally found her true calling. [Page Six]
  • Word on the street is that Elton John’s ‘Lestat’ sucks. [FOX411]
  • Former Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry has requested a restraining order against a woman who he says has been harassing him. Shadows of a former 90210 story line, don’t ya think? [TMZ]
  • George Michael’s in crisis. Record label bosses are urging George Michael to seek urgent professional help to overcome his cannabis addiction. [Daily Mail]
  • Actor Eddie Murphy’s marriage is officially over, so he’s able to freely bat for whatever team he wishes to. [People]