Quick Hits: Hunter S. Thompson’s Ashes To Be Shot From Cannon

  • The ashes of Hunter S. Thompson will be shot out of a cannon. “It’s expensive, but worth every penny,” Anita Thompson said. “I’d like to have several explosions. He loved explosions.” [AP]
  • Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will say “I do” on the UPN. Yes, we are being treated to a reality show about the marriage and “love story” of Kev and Brit. Ewww. [AP]
  • Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of G.W., has sung the praises of Scientology. Scientology volunteers have been high profile at disaster scenes recently, distributing food and water, as well as delivering controversial “touch assist” healings that supposedly help victims through the laying on of hands. If Michael Jackson were only a Scientolgoist, he could use the “touch assist” defense. [Scoop]
  • Michael Jackson’s former maid claims Macaulay Culkin slept in same bed with Jacko. Plus, she saw Jacko in the shower with another boy. The question is, will the jury find her credible? [Reuters]
  • The sexual conquests of Naomi Campbell are hard to keep up with. She’s dropped Sérgio Marone, and has now moved on to engineer Guto Milano. Word of warning to all her partners; keep you distance if she has a phone in hand. [Made In Brazil]