Quick Hits: Gays Get No Respect On TV

  • The gays aren’t being represented on network television. They join the Asians, African-Americans, Latinos, and Scientologists in their woes. [Defamer]
  • Once again we present you with the NYPD Hip-Hop files. [TSG]
  • There was a little thing called the MTV Video Music Awards. If you missed it, here are some photos. [Egotastic]
  • The reported feud between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera doesn’t exist. At least that’s what Christina is saying. No word from the Britster as of yet. [Yahoo! Music]
  • A story of Mickey Rourke, a blonde bimbo and Cialis, as only my blog husband could tell it. [The Corsair]
  • The Vatican has reportedly drawn up an instruction that no gay men should be allowed to enter seminaries in order to study for the priesthood. Say hello to the end of the Catholic church. [Towleroad]
  • Jesus and He-Man enjoy a spliff. [cityrag]
  • Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw is set to marry one of the Playboy triplets. It’s so perfect that she’s marrying into a family of boobs. [ABC News]