Quick Hits: Fashion Week Was A Blast

February 6th, 2006 // 3 Comments
  • Especially for Kimberly Stewart. [The Corsair]
  • Actor Robert Blake has filed for bankruptcy, after a civil court jury found he “intentionally caused” his wife’s death and awarded her children $30 million in damages. [AP]
  • Tara Reid has come to terms with her breast exposure. “How could they not take that picture? Know what I mean? I’m sure someone made a million dollars from that picture.” What a sport. [Female First]
  • It’s not looking good for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. The Mirror revealed yesterday that the couple’s relationship was suffering because the singer is spending much of her time with her record producer Stuart Price, 28, working on her music. [3am]
  • Do not deny Sony and New Line Cinema executives access to hot dogs and burritos, otherwise you will feel their wrath. [Page Six]
  • Tony Curtis prefers Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire over Brokeback Mountain. Why? The only thing unique about it is they put it on the screen. And they make ‘em [male gay lovers] cowboys.” Waving his finger cautiously, Curtis added, “Howard Hughes and John Wayne wouldn’t like it.” Okay? [Page Six]
  • Former SNL actor Rob Schneider can’t get any respect; even from his own daughter. She’s doing a reality show on how “bad” her father is. Nice. [Page Six]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    ROTF!!! Tara Reid thinks her boob shot made someone a million?

  2. kanga

    Kimberly SPEWART is the most butt-ugliest over-rated thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.

    I feel so sorry that she has inherited so much of her fathers ugly looks and she has to wear a fringe all the time to hide that huge ugly alien forehead.

  3. Anna

    I personally think Rob Schnieder is hilarious, but not for his acting. I happened to see an episode of Cribs he was on, and I was shocked to find that he’s actually very well spoken and intelligent, with a great house full of very beautiful things, lots of antiques and art. He refers to his home as “The House That Sandler Built,” and while it would be pretty embarrassing to have him as a father because of the crap movies he does, I do think he knows exactly what he’s doing, which is doing what he can do to make a home and a life for his family. You don’t ever see him out in all this Hollywood bull shit, partying or parading his family around for press.

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