Quick Hits: DC Comics Not Loving Gay Batman

August 22nd, 2005 // 6 Comments
  • DC Comics isn’t too happy about the “gay” Batman exhibit at the Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts gallery. [BBC]
  • The late Michael Hutchence‘s estate is valued at $0.00. [smh]
  • Hunter S. Thompson is now scattered about. [AP]
  • Jennifer Aniston is reportedly planning on publishing her Brad Pitt marriage diary to help other women cope with similar situations. [Fashion Monitor Toronto]
  • According to singer Marc Cohen, the carjacking in which he was shot was terrifying. Kind of a given isn’t it? [Reuters]
  • Does Angelina Jolie want to marry Brad Pitt? According to The Sun she does. [The Sun]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Wow. That was actually the first I read about Michael Hutchence’s estate conflict. I grew up listening and loving INXS, and even had a crush on Michael Hutchence at one point, but I never cared to read about his “monetary issues” when he died. His unfortunate and untimely death was the greatest tragedy; the financial “stuff” is only money.

  2. mandy

    If Aniston wants to appear “strong”, then I think she should just shut up altogether and MOVE ON! The more she opens up her mouth, the weaker she seems. The VF interview was good so she should just leave it at that. We dont hear Brad or Angelina dwelling her ass.

    She needs to get a life, seriously. As shitty as this sounds but what happened to her happens to lots of women everyday – except of course the other woman is not Angelina (thank god). Stop playing the sympathy card, the world does not revolve around u.

  3. Jen

    ^Oh thank you so much, Mandy! You’re absolutely right that I need to shut up and move on — after all, I’ve done one whole interview in the nine months since the split, while Brangelina have been SO DISCREET! Why AJ was so concerned about the starving paparazzi that she felt she needed to tip them off about Brangelina’s little African adventure — what a humanitarian that girl is!

    Oh — and Mandy — if you linked to the article in question, you’ll notice that there are no direct quotes from me at all!!!! Imagine that! It almost looks like another groundless rumor — but, of course, you’re way too intelligent to buy into that scenario :)

    And I’m going to take your advice to get a life. Those back-to-back movies I’ve been making and those fun dinners with pals have really misled me into thinking that I was being busy and productive. Well that will all change now that you’ve pointed out the error of my ways! Boy, was I ever deluded!!! Thanks ever so much for setting me straight!

  4. Simple-Tina

    YOU FREAKIN ROCK MANDY!! Absolutely true!!

  5. Simpel_Tina

    To Jen: Hahahahah you’re so clinggy and desperate looking, all hugging on Vince Vaugn, even trying to wear plattfroms to be tall like him. Wow, you really wont accept being with out a man, if so, why dont you just go marry John Stamos, you’re both on the same lame level, and your movies suck. Your “back to back movies” are going to be “back to back -straight to video!! And WOW…afun dinners!! Thats like soooo amazing!!! Look, Angie flies planes around the world, you got to Courtney Cox’s house. I think we all know your life is boring as hell.

  6. John

    Awwww, come on, Simple — or is it Simpel? You seem to be experiencing some confusion about your identity … there are meds for that, you know … Anyway, why ya bringing me into this? I never meant to, like, piss you off. I just wasn’t that into you, man — nothing personal .. I mean — come on — I was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. My standards are still high … but hey, get me drunk enough and maybe next time …

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