Quick Hits: David Beckham’s Horny Look-alike


  • Have sex with a David Beckham look-alike for about $750 a pop (no pun intended). [The Sun]
  • Andy Warhol and Lizzie Grubman – separated at birth. [WOW Report]
  • Lucy Liu has lashed out at America’s obsession with celebrity culture, declaring that the country is in a ‘tabloid coma’. “The main reason people put you up on a pedestal is, basically to tear you down.” It takes Lucy Liu to uncover why America loves the tabloids? [FemaleFirst]
  • Paris, Baby, I know you’re tootsies ache. I ain’t entirely unsympathetic to your plight, ya dig? But in another minute or so, this pimp chalice is gonna make an echoing crash sound against your empty head if you don’t get back out and work those streets like Pimp Don Magic told you to!” [The Corsair]
  • Hollywood is full of toothpicks. Ain’t that the truth. [popbytes]
  • Actress Portia De Rossi blames the women of Ally McBeal for her past bout with anorexia. I don’t recall anyone being thin on that show. I always thought that Calista Flockhart was fat. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • Emma Thompson is a tad odd. [goldenfiddle]