Quick Hits: Cameron Diaz Is Happy With Her Boobs

July 15th, 2005 // 5 Comments
  • While Cameron Diaz testified that her “boobs looked good,” but she felt violated when “photographer” John Rutter would either sell them to her or launch and evil overseas “good angel, bad angel” campaign. [Daily Dish]
  • Is Laura Bush visiting Desperate Housewives? [The Swift Report]
  • Fabian Basabe shows some remorse over the Prada/Negro incident. A Socialite’s Life would like to shove Mr. Basabe’s remorse up his ass, but knows he would enjoy that too much. [Jossip]
  • A flatulent Quincy Jones deflects attention from his own gaseousness by roping in an innocent bystander. [The Corsair]
  • If Whitney Houston was an American Idol judge, her critiques would slightly differ from Paula’s. While Paula says: ”That was a little pitchy.” Whitney might say: ”Hell to the no!’ [Popwatch]
  • I don’t think I ever thought I would hear evangelical Christian be used to describe Stephen Baldwin. [PBS]
  • The Homo Light is the latest gay cocktail. It’s from Norway. [WOW Report]
  • Governor Schwarzenegger brings in $8 million a year as a fitness magazine consultant. Pocket change. [LA.comfidential]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fabian Basabe may be racist and a tad unstable, but you have to admit, his folksy sayings are rather remarkable.

    Statements like “I was being a plum idiot” and “the type of language that I used at Star Room would earn a smack in the Basabe household” rival something coming out of Dan Rather’s mouth. Remarkable.

  2. elaina

    does anyone else think that fabian and brandon davis would make a fabulous couple? anyone?

  3. Fabian would put Brandon on a diet, and Brandon would tame Fabian down. Now that I think about it, they’d probably make a cute couple. Or at least a more realistic one.

  4. UgotMale26

    Is Brandon Davis gay or bisexual? I don’t know if even Cory or Fabian would slum with him.Heard most arrogant of all the “it boys”, Fabian Basabe and Cory Bernstein hooked up in LA a few years ago,they I might watch but not Brandon Davis,disgusting!

  5. Ms Hillary

    My husband and myself saw Hal Sparks eating with Cory “The Model” Bernstein, Paris Hiltons other lap dog.
    JIAS restraunt Chicago, IL
    When :
    Last night Sept 18, 05
    With Hal Sparks from the old Talk Soup and Queer as Folk on Showtime, Hal’s girlfriend, Cory with three older women,possibly family or agent.

    Hal wore black shirt, jeans, and tshirt, was short but real cute. His girlfriend was taller and pretty but average.
    Cory wore jeans, white tshirt, nice shoes, over accesorized with silver bracelets, tall, very good looking and almost too sun tan, he had very white teeth. He was with three older rich looking women dripping in diamonds with face lifts, and they all ate outside. My husband didn’t know who either of the men were but I couldn’t take my eyes off either one of them, they were both better looking in person.

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