Quick Hits: Cameron Diaz Is A Paparazzi Tease

  • Cammy, Cammy, Cammy. Give up your inane obsession with the paparazzi. While I’m all for a person’s privacy, the more you avoid, the more they want your photo. [cityrag]
  • Apprentice contestant Chris Shelton (the tobacco chewing, homophobic, hothead), has been arrested. Cops allege that a “loud and inappropriate” Shelton–who, of course, was spewing profanities–got into a beef in the hotel’s lobby, and refused to pipe down at the request of officers. [TSG]
  • Britney Spears reveals all to a charming little fourth grader. However, the adorable little fourth grader just happens to be the daughter of Brenda You, who is the former West Coast Bureau Chief of Star magazine. [Defamer]