Quick Hits: Britney Spears Letter To The False Tabloids

March 30th, 2005 // 3 Comments

  • Britney Spears has no shame. How dare she call tabloids false. She must not read blogs. Or at least I think that’s what she meant to do in her latest open letter. She ends it with, “Until you face what is going on in your life, I guess you’ll remain a false tabloid.” Huh? [Suck My Blog]
  • Omarosa is back! Eeek! She joins the cast of the lastest The Surreal Life. Plus she’s with Janice Dickinson and Jose Conseco. Blood will be shed. I bet it will only take two episodes before Janice and Jose hook up. [Gawker]
  • Michael Jackson was a virgin until the age of 32. And he’s battled anorexia and how he hates his “n****r hair. Well, okay. [Borkowski Celebrity]
  • My blog husband would still like to fuck Naomi Campbell. Blackberry and all. [The Corsair]
  • Laura Bush takes a trip to Afghanistan. I’m assuming it wasn’t for the shopping. [Amy’s Robot]
  • Could this be the end of blogging. Tina Brown, Gwyneth Paltrow and Barry Diller will be contributing to Arianna Huffington’s new online webzine and it will feature a group blog of the luminaries mentioned above. We can look forward to, “Apple spit up today.” [Gawker]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. pickles

    Oooo, I’m so glad you brought up Britney’s letter! I about peed when I read it. Oh boo hoo, Britney, the tabloids are picking on you!!! That’s the normal progression for burnt out pop stars who have whored themselves in every way to the media!

    Don’t take it so personally, Brit Brit. Your angry letter to some unseen enemy only makes you look even more insecure and unintelligent!

  2. ap

    What in the hell is a “false tabloid”? According to her, wouldn’t that be a good thing? This girl looks more idiotic all the time.

  3. al

    Britney Spears is an idiot. WTF is a false tabloid? If she hates those magazines so much than why is she frequently photographed buying US Magazine????

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