Quick Hits: Barbara Walters Explains The Whole Star Jones Debacle

June 28th, 2006 // 27 Comments

  • The gloves are off people. According to Babs, Star Jones did not leave with dignity, and shall burn in hell. [Gawker]
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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Barbie

    Barbara Walters comes off like a monster. It’s clear that she wants to destroy Star Jones for not following “the plan.”

    Star Jones is getting what she deserves. Something tells me it’s Barbara’s turn next!

  2. Mark

    I think we’re missing the bigger story here.

    How will Gay Al be able to afford his 1/2 share on Fire Island now that his woman won’t be bringing in the dollars? Hopefully he has already purchased a seasonal ferry pass.

  3. lol

    LOL barbie..it’s Barbara’s show..what are you talking about?

  4. Samantha Jones

    So they thought she would go quietly into the nite? keep according to the “plan”? agree that it is raining, when in actuality you (ABC) are pissing in my face?

    My question is how in the hell did BW ever become Star Jones mentor?

    With mentors like these…..

  5. Horlicks

    Barbara Walters will burn in hell for this…she’s sooo evil..omigosh!!

  6. barbie


    I agree it’s Barbara’s show. I’m just surprised that she would play into the nastiness that is now unfolding. She should of kept the remarks brief and to the point. Instead, she decided to make Star Jones look even worse. Didn’t Star already do herself in? There simply wasn’t the need to go there. Made me realize that I give public personalities a bit too much credibility sometimes.

    That’s all I’m saying.


  7. Ok first, let me just say that I am not a “fan” of Star Jones. I find her to be utterly pretentious and condescending and thus – just a real pain in the ass. However, after this morning’s extremely disengenuous little speech given by Barbara Walter’s on ABC’s behalf, I decided to string the beads of logic together to see if I could make necklace out of them. You know, just in case I wanted to strangle anyone later… Let me see if I understand what happened here:

    1) Sometime this spring, Rosie O. makes some (perhaps deserved) but snarky comments about Star Jone’s weight loss, life style, whathaveyou.

    2) In April, Star Jones is apprised by ABC that she effectively is going to be “fired” or at the very least, let go – vis a vis her contract not being re-newed in the fall. ABC magnanimously offers, however, NOT to go public with this in order to avoid “damaging” her reputation (not, of course, because it might cause them bad publicity with her fans) and offers to let her say that she is leaving the network on her own at the end of the season.

    3) A week or so later, Star Jones learns that the person who will be replacing her is none other than her personal nemesis, Rosie O.

    4) 2-3 months of humiliating rumors and speculation follow in the press.

    5) On June 27th, Star Jones announces that she will be leaving the view in the fall. She thanks her co-hosts and her “mentor” barbara, whom she praises on her website as one of the smartest women she’s known.

    6) In a later interview with People, she advises that actually, she feels she was fired as ABC chose not to renew her contract. (umm, on a personal note, that would probably feel kind of like being fired to me too. Let’s check it out. Hey Syd, you can’t work here anymore and we aren’t going to pay you either. Yep, that’s a pretty fired feeling.)

    7)After Star’s announcement on the show and after her “gasp” revelation to People magazine, ABC swiftly tells Star that her presence will not be required on the set of The View beginning,umm… Right now. That’s right, new terms. No need to pass go. No need to collect $200,000.00 per show. Just don’t come ’round here no more.

    8)On this morning’s view, a very meager three person View meets and Barbara Wa Wa shares a troubled gaze with her nervous appearing compatriots and then looks out sincerely at the audience as though deeply disturbed over the news she must impart. Star Jones’ inaugerated “Mentor” then says that she is sad to have let everyone know that the “truth” is that Ms. Jones had been asked to leave at the end of her contract and had been given (once again, ABC’s generosity here is overwhelming) the opportunity to pretend as though she’d really quit to move on to greener pastures (yeah – smirk – because we ALL would have fallen for THAT ONE).

    Dear Barbara appears to sigh as she states that she and the network had been trying to “protect” Star (mmm-k, next time I’m looking for protection I’m going to perhaps look elsewhere) but that in the end Star apparently had screwed it all up by betraying the “kindness” of both the network and of Dear Old Mentor Wa Wa herself. By doing what you may ask?

    Oh Yeah. By telling the truth.

    For Shame.

  8. nevermind

    Break it down Sydney!

    I’m no fan of Star’s either, but she was done real dirty. So what, she decided to leave on her own terms with her dignity and integrity in her hands? I commend Star greatly for this and it has somewhat altered my opinion of her for the better. How hard it must have been to have been told months ago that your contract is not being renewed and still go smiling in front of a live audience every day! Why should she have given the power of her own departure to the network? But they still had to have the last word and not have her back the next day, which shows they were doing their best to make her look bad. That is terrible! What goes around, comes around! I hope the view goes down!

  9. dejean

    Sydney you are correct in your timeline necklace but also add this little pearl they claimed that Rosie was supposed to replace Meredith

  10. Jason

    Some of you seem to credit Star for continuing to perfrom after being told that her contract was not being renewed. Star likely kept doing the show because she was contractually obligated to do so, not because she is morally superior or exceptionally dignified. Actors’ are let go all the time (characters killed off, etc.), yet they must complete the season on which they are currently working without bad mouthing the network.

  11. Tahj

    Either my eyes were half-closed or they did some serious editing, because Star Jones’ farewell spill was far from undignified. There was no bitterness or pointing of wrinkled, old fingers either.
    I feel sorry for Star.


    no wonder the dixie chicks hates the view, they are back-stabbers, first walters fires star, star tellS all, next walters would blacklist star, then star would kill walters then she would be sent to jail. LOL.

  13. Jason

    Star’s farewell speech may have been perfectly dignified. However, she deviated from an agreed upon exit and surprised her employers with her announcement yesterday, then gave interviews that made ABC/The View seem disloyal, thereby tarnishing their image in her fans’ eyes. I think that is what they’re upset about. Don’t feel bad for Star. This show made her famous, extremely wealthy and she played it for every freebie and bit of swag she could get her hands on.

  14. M. McCloskey

    I say The View should hire Connie Chung
    immediately. With all her TV exposure right
    now, the whole Star thing would go away.

  15. M. McCloskey

    I say The View should hire Connie Chung
    immediately. With all her TV exposure right
    now, the whole Star thing would go away.

  16. sewingmachine

    Katie Cassidy is a nasty little hooch. We saw her on a showa few years ago when she was bragging about trying to make it as a singer wihtout being slutty. She was performing in malls and had her song played on the radio as the reality cameras followed her around. She played up the innoncent lil teen daughter of good old David Cassidy. That did not work; her song bombed when it was played on the radio during the show. She then disappearred and reemerged approximately 2 years later dressing in nasty, crotch-emphasizing outfits and writhing all over the stage. Yep, sounds like using your crotch to get a hit record if you ask me.

  17. sewingmachine

    Star Jones was dignified in her speech. However she was not dignified in comments she made to numerous media/news outlets between yesterday morning and this morning.

  18. george

    I am no fan of Star Jones but the way she was done in today by Baba WaWa made me feel nothing but contempt for Baba Wawa. Barbara came off looking like nothing but a complete bitch. I for one think good for Star. Sometimes the best things look like the worst things at first.

  19. Stringa

    Note to self:

    Don’t Lose weight

    Never get married

    Keep “A” list friends away

    Appear unhappy in personal life

    Refuse endorsements

    Never write a book

    Change NOTHING so people will continue to love, feel sorry and think of me as to insignificant.

  20. Josie

    I shouldn’t have been surprised by the way Star was treated. Remember what happened to Debbie from the start of the show? She was given the axe and had to quickly get a job cuz she was going to lose her NYC apartment. They gave that girl no notice. It was horrible! Her place was up for sale! Now look at Star! I would not want a job on The View!

  21. CatLover

    I have a friend that worked on the Rosie magazine (the one that looked just like Oprah’s). Remember that whole debacle with Rosie’s tirade and the suing that went on back and forth? Well she said that Rosie was an absolute monster and is volatile! She said “The ladies on The View will need all the luck they can get because she is not a better choice!”

  22. Ben

    I agree and do not wacth the View but my wife does and she apparently sees no reason to continue after the exit of both Star Jones- Reynolds and Merideth Viera. Rosie O’Donell sounds like a very odd choice for the View but I think Barbara Walter just likes to see bitches fight all day. We too are saddened by Star’s departure.

  23. Chris

    I am no Star fan, but I am on her side on this issue. Basically Barbra wanted to “protect her” (i.e. by means of a lie) but Star thankfully did not want to play that game, and she told the truth that the contract was up, and she felt like she had been fired. How is the truth betrayl?

  24. Jean

    Barbara Walters offer to protect Star and not talk about the details of her departure were gracious. If Star wanted to just simply be honest about the details of departure, she could have honestly told Barbara and the view her desire to simply tell truth. Being fired is never pleasant, but I surmise she is okay financially.

  25. Jean

    Barbara Walters offer to protect Star and not talk about the details of her departure was gracious. If Star wanted to just simply be honest about the details of departure, she could have honestly told Barbara and ABC her desire to simply tell truth. Being fired is never pleasant, but I surmise she is okay financially.

  26. luxury6

    What I don’t understand is why this announcement was such a big deal for the View. They were planning to say the exact same thing on Thursday anyway. Is Barbara such a control freak that she can’t handle it? So what if she talked to People? Rosie has been trashing Star for months. Why is it not a problem for a new employee to trash a current employee in the papers? That to me is a bigger problem as an employer. But, I guess it is ok because Barbara wanted her to expose more about weight loss and less about the wedding? WTF!? Also, why is it important for Star to become a poster child for gastric bypass? She was obviously very very fat and needed help. That doesn’t mean she needs to get up and talk about how many chickens she ate every day. I am sure Rosie knows a lot of people who keep their sexuality to themselves… That doesn’t mean they are not honest people or good people, they are just private about some things. Since when does everyone have a right to demand what you do or don’t keep private about yourself? What a backstabbing, controlling, bitchy environment!!

  27. debbie seybert


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