Quick Hits: Ashton Kutcher’s Got The Power

  • Ashton Kuthcher and Lindsay Lohan are Hollywood’s top power-weilding players. According to Teen People, that is. [ABC News]
  • Variety gossip columnist Army Archerd is retiring after 52 years. Liz Smith is taking over. [Reuters]
  • It’s nice to know that Jennifer Aniston has Brad Pitt’s mom Jane for a shoulder to cry on. [IDontLikeYouThatWay]
  • The hottest thing on television right now is poop. [Popwatch]
  • CNN’s Bob Novak yells a profanity and walks off the set. The power of James Carville is witnessed yet again. [Wonkette]
  • This can’t be for real. Muscles gone wild! [WOW Report]
  • Where are the young celebrities hanging out these days in Hollywood? At i candy, the straight-friendly gay bar. [LA.comfidential]