Quick Hits: A Dinner Of Sex Organs

February 21st, 2006 // 3 Comments
  • How having a few male sexual organs for dinner? [Towleroad]
  • Donald Trump and Martha Stewart blame each other for the the failure (hers was cancelled and his took a dive in the ratings) of each others The Apprentice. [Daily Dish]
  • Heath Ledger may be going gay on film again. He is currently the frontrunner to play Hollywood icon and rather legendary closet case Rock Hudson. [Queer Day]
  • Daniel Craig has had two teeth knocked out during his first James Bond fight scene. The price you pay for being a super-agent. [Digital Spy]
  • Using the word canoodled in reference to Republican fund-raiser Georgette Mosbacher is kind of scary. [Page Six]
  • Oprah Winfrey wants to film a lesbian version of Brokeback Mountain. I don’t think so. [Star]
  • The illustrator of Madonna’s book, “The English Roses,” was beat and kicked after he left Crobar. Was he not wearing his Kabbalah bracelet? [Jossip]
  • Designer Isaac Mizrahi has defended his Golden Globes red carpet behavior. “I watch prime-time television a lot and every other joke is about pubic hair … So I don’t feel it’s wrong to talk about that on the red carpet.” [AP]
  • A quick memo to all you bloggers out there, blogs are over. [Slate]
  • Dr. Phil McGraw needs to work on his gaydar. He tried to set up Paula Abdul with a homosexual. Oops. [Page Six]
  • Who is the biggest celebrity partier? No, it’s not Paris Hilton. It’s Kimberly Stewart’s former fake fiance, Talan. [TMZ]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Artemisia

    Re:Paula Abdul gay date…..

    Well, I do not know about that but I can tell you that the blond womanizer guy who was on Dr.Phil’s LOVE SMART clearly is gay, gay, gay!!

    Why Dr.Phil did not call him on it is beyond me!!!

  2. Small Fry

    I agree with Isaac Mizrahi. Didn’t Oprah and her pal Gayle discuss “tossing salads?”

  3. Nicole

    Hey Oprah – it was called “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” and starred Uma Thurman. It also sucked.

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