Questioning Your Cannibalistic Thoughts

ordinarypeopleThe murder was a little useless since there was no follow through.

A Berlin man who killed a music teacher and stored his victim’s body parts to satisfy cannibalistic fantasies was convicted of murder Tuesday and sentenced to 13 years. Ralf M., 41, confessed to stabbing Joe R., 33, with a screwdriver during a sexual encounter at his apartment in Neukoelln in southern Berlin. He then cut up and stored body parts in his fridge, but was in the end too disgusted to eat them as originally planned.

The Berlin court concluded the accused, known in the German media as the “cannibal of Neukoelln,” was psychologically disturbed and had developed increasingly pronounced human flesh-eating fantasies over the years. The prosecution had sought a sentence of almost 15 years for the killer, an unemployed painter, but the court handed down a lesser sentence on the grounds of diminished responsibility. It also ordered his temporary confinement in a psychiatric clinic.

The killer’s defense lawyer claimed his client had been influenced by the case of Armin Meiwes, the “cannibal of Rotenburg,” who created a worldwide media sensation after he confessed to killing and eating a willing victim in 2001. Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter in 2004, but faces a retrial on a murder charge later this year. Like Meiwes, Ralf M. met his victim via the Internet, but unlike the Rotenburg cannibal he deceived the man about his true intentions, the court said.

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