Question: Is Helena Bonham Carter Wearing A Halloween Costume Or Just Another Kooky Outfit?

Helena's Bizarre Outfit
Helena Likes Her Outfits Wacky
This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Or as I imagine they call it in the Burton-Carter household, just another Thursday.

Expert tricycle rider Helena Bonham Carter and Nell Burton, her daughter with director Tim Burton, were seen walking together dressed in costumes. Wait, or were they? It’s kind of hard to tell with the actress sometimes.

Nell, who turns six in December, appeared to be dressed as an adorable witch in a pink and black getup that involved a dress and pointy hat. Beside her was Helena Bonham Carter, who appeared to be dressed as Helena Bonham Carter – by which I mean, she looked as though the contents of a Halloween shop and your grandma’s closet made dirty, remorseless love to each other and then engaged in post-coital spooning on the actress’ body. She kind of pulls it off though, doesn’t she?

And just in case you were wondering, Bonham Carter does not, in fact, care what you think about her style: “I am not Hannibal Lecter wearing someone else’s skin. Why does it matter? I make do with what is in my wardrobe,” she explained during a Q&A in 2011. Fans of mismatched heels and velvet corsets nodded in emphatic agreement.

Launch the gallery to check out the outfit for yourself, and let us know: is this a costume, or just another everyday ensemble for the actress?

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