Quentin Tarantino Loves Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan Is Slowly Becoming A Red Head Again

Sabba Rahbar | August 17, 2009 - 11:34 pm

The celebrities were in full force at the Cinema Society and Hugo Boss screening of Inglorious Basterds. Everyone from Quentin Tarantino to Lindsay Lohan to Chace Crawford came out for the show and showed off themselves.

Quentin just couldn’t stop talking about Brad Pitt. Seriously. It’s like he wants Brad for himself or something. “For the most part when we were on set he would stay in character,” Quentin told reporters. “It was like, ‘Why drop the accent when you don’t have to?’ And I have always liked it when actors do that.”

In case you don’t know, Brad plays Lieutenant Aldo Raine in the film set against the back drop of WWII with Aldo, a nice Southern boy, hunting Nazi with his Nazi hunter party. Brad went totally method on this one. He was in character from the moment he got on set to the moment he left and Quentin ate it up. “He’d get into Aldo’s mindset and stay there. He could be Brad and make a Brad joke but it was always in Aldo’s dialect. Aldo is more crude than Brad. So that allowed Brad to go all the way with that. It was wonderful as a writer to be confronted by my character all day, and to talk to him and ask questions.”

While Quentin was busy gushing about Brad, my eyes obviously went to newly hired and recently blonded Lindsay. It seems like she’s not doing a good job of keeping that blonde hair up. I’m seeing lots of red roots and it’s not cute. Not at all. Lindsay, I thought we talked about this. If you’re going to go blonde and look ridiculous, at least manage it better. Thank you.

Most of the celebs at the event looked pretty good though. Chace looked gorgeous as usual. It’s like he some sort of super god that was put on this earth so we mere mortals can gawk at his beauty. Right? The other stars of Inglorious Basterds looked lovely as well. Check them out! Brad was a no show though. Maybe all the talk about how amazing freaked him out. Anyone else notice how weird he gets when talking about himself? Watch this interview and you’ll see what I mean. Now if you’ll excuse me, Quentin is calling. He wants to tell me how much he loves me. Haha. I wish.

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