Quentin Tarantino Hosts A 90’s Reunion

Okay, not really. 

It was a celebration for Inglorious Basterds Oscar nomination, but Neve Campbell, Rebecca De Mornay, Daryl Hannah, and Cher ( actually she’s eternal ) were seen among the celebrity herd leaving La Vida restaurant in Hollywood after Quentin Tarantino’s party last night.  De Mornay is either reminding us that she was in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle or she’s surprised to see cameras again.

Celebrities love their slimming black which was on almost everybody at the dinner. A more camera friendly  Anne Hathaway draped a beautiful necklace over a black top and short leather jacket and  Rosario Dawson went for a high waisted black shirt and trench. Eli Roth accessorized his long black coat with a large red wine spill on his shirt, so he wins best dressed and best time.

I still have more of the best picture nominations to see, but so far Iglorious Basterds is the only one that delivered.