Queen Latifah Sums It Up

March 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Can you blame her? “Healthy” girls don’t feel the need to be photographed in their swimsuits. And some ass is running around on the beach trying to capture either A) an example of her undisclosed homosexuality or B) the most unflattering swimsuit photo angle he can. I’m surprised she isn’t hurling rocks.


Queen Latifah also tries to make use of a snorkel as a shield. That’s after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. eseu

    Latifah has never hidden the fact that she is fat or wishes to be skinny like Paris, I think she is just healthy and a natural person. Please allow her her privacy. If she does not like to be photographed, please respect that. You people complain of anorexia and this and that, but when you see a normal healthy person, you try again to ridicle the person. If you must photograph her, why not take a good angle to show the “goodness” in being normal. You people act like hypocrates at times.

  2. Heama603

    all hail the Queen. She is fab.

  3. eseu

    Sexy! I just saw the new photograph of Queen Latifah with a towel round her body. She really look sexy with those hips. That is a good picture.


    Rather see it shake than hear it rattle!

  5. Steph

    Damn right Queen! Bout time someone shows off some sexy curves! Queen’s a positive image for girls everywhere to be comfortable with themselves and to show that health is what matters, not dress size!

  6. jessica defreece

    queen latifah is hot and sexy!

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