Queen Latifah Shops With A Friend

January 9th, 2006 // 9 Comments

I’m not saying a thing, other than I’m happy to see that she’s not with Laila Ali.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Toto

    Finally my gaydar went off on the Queen.
    Why did I not see it before?
    It’s all so clear now.
    I’m slooow. :-)

  2. Mariana

    She’s the black Jodie Foster. Minus the degree from Yale. And the two Oscars.

  3. jenn

    That is Latifah’s trainer–she has also been on “Fear Factor”…she’s been known to train many celebrities in LA…

  4. doofus

    the queen? definitely gay. friend and I saw her at the Boardwalk (jersey shore) with a woman who was definitely her girlfriend/partner.

    but what’s wrong with Laila Ali? I don’t think I even know what she looks like, but would she be such a bad pick?

  5. bestdress

    So she can’t shop with anyone? Jessica Simpson and her assistant is a little close too…This is stupid!

  6. OhMyGoddess

    I’m not going to front on the Queen. As for her friend, I have two words: BRA ZIER!!!!

  7. khadijah

    that is her personal trainer ok so get yall shit together lata


  8. xelsiex

    Queen is dressed like a middles school gym teacher.

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