Queen Elizabeth: Olympics Opening Ceremony’s MVP [PHOTOS]

London 2012
Kate and Will head to Olympic Stadium for the festivities.
The Queen Through The Years
Her Majesty's best photos over her 60-year reign.
The Queen And The Heir
Elizabeth II inspects Prince William's RAF uniform.
Yeah, it’s past her bedtime and she’d rather not indulge her subjects in such a public display of tom foolery, but Queen Elizabeth took one for the team and played a part in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony.  We weren’t sure where things were headed as Daniel Craig moved through Buckingham Palace, the corgis by his feet.

And then, he enters Her Majesty’s quarters and waits patiently for the monarch to finish a task…and waits some more…until the Queen turns around, quietly acknowledges Mr. Craig, then leads the way to a helicopter in the backyard.

We can’t blame the Queen for being a quiet while David Cameron and Princess Anne chat around her at Olympic Stadium.  She’s a hard-working woman, so if she wants to sit there stone-faced, then so be it.

She’s alright by us, either way. 

In 1948, the then-Princess Elizabeth attended the London Summer Games with her husband, Prince Philip and parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.  These events marked a return to the Olympics after a 12-year hiatus because of World War II.  It was a rather austere occasion, given the economic circumstances of the time; no new venues were built, and athletes were housed in existing accomodations rather than in an “Olympic village.”