Queen Elizabeth Keeps Her Purse Close At OBE Service [PHOTOS]

The Queen And The Heir
Elizabeth II inspects Prince William's RAF uniform.
Nowhere else in the world is pageantry and tradition celebrated more than in England, which is like Disney come to life for the rest of us.  Earlier today (March 7th),  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended a service for the Order of the British Empire at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, England.  This service celebrated those in the order for their “distinguished” service and voluntary efforts

The Queen, wearing the Girls Of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara (once belonging to Queen Mary) and a red state dress, stood in front of 2,000 members of the OBE (Knights and Dames Grand Cross) while Reverand Canon Michael Hampel held a sermon.

 “We thank God for the lives of members of the order, for the adventure and courage, idealism and diligence, contributed to the life of our world,” he said, according to the Associated Press.  “We ask forgiveness for talents wasted in selfishness and greed, for our arrogance and our failure to understand. We ask that God’s rule may be our rule, his mind our mind, his purposes our purposes.”

 Her Majesty is no doubt very proud of Prince Harry, who is currently representing her on a Diamond Jubilee of the Caribbean and Brazil.