Queen Elizabeth Holds A Reception For Irish Members Of The British Community Including One Direction’s Niall Horan

March 26th, 2014 // 1 Comment
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Can you imagine receiving the prestigious honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth? It’s unfathomable for the ordinary, every day person, isn’t it?

When you’re rich, famous, undeniably good looking, and a member of the currently most popular boy band, you receive opportunities most person wouldn’t.

The lucky member of Britain’s high society today is One Direction’s blonde Irishman, Niall Horan.

In addition to being greeted by the matriarch of the Royal Family and Prince Phillip, 300 other Irish guests joined the boy band member. Using just a single word, he described the experience as “mind-blowing”.

Understandably in a stunned state, he gushed about his time at the Buckingham Palace. “It’s an absolute honour to be here with two great countries coming together. I couldn’t believe it when I got the invitation. To have met Her Majesty again was a great experience.”

Take a peek at our gallery to see the incredible meeting between the two influential people. Try to figure out if you recognize anyone else photographed!

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By Erin Cosgrove

  1. Buster

    The “prestigious honor of meeting the Queen”??? I’m going to assume that’s sarcasm. I don’t have any personal enmity toward Elizabeth as an individual, but frankly, no true Irishman should be demeaning himself by dressing up to go shake hands with the head of the family that’s devoted hundreds of years to oppressing and demeaning the people of Ireland.

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