Queen Elizabeth And Duchess Catherine Admire Her Royal Wedding Gown

Queen Elizabeth II and Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge were able to view Catherine’s Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton wedding gown today in the state rooms at Buckingham Palace before the annual summer exhibition of The Royal Wedding Dress: A Story Of Great British Design.  Starting Saturday, the public will be able to purchase tickets for $28.50 and take a stroll through the grandiose rooms that held The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s afternoon reception on April 29th where items from the royal wedding will be on display, including Catherine’s dress, her shoes, earrings, bouquet, the Cartier “Halo” tiara borrowed from The Queen and the cake William and Catherine sliced through.  600,000 people are expected to attended the exhibit, running through October 3rd.

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The pictures of Catherine’s gown are stunning, but Queen Elizabeth found the headless mannequin on which the dress was displayed to be a “horrible” sight.  Oh, Your Majesty.  Ahead of the exhibition, Burton told the Daily Mail that Catherine’s wedding dress capture the very essence of Victorian corsetry.  “It was this idea of having a dress with a presence and of historical importance yet being modern at the same time,” Burton said.  “I think what we wanted to achieve was something that was incredibly beautiful and intricately worked.”