Put A Shirt On, Ma

May 2nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

So, uh, Egotastic has some charming pics of Britney Spears without a top on. Hmmm. Yeah. Not cute. She’s like shoving flowers on her boobs and trying to look playful. God, you’ve got two kids now, woman. Collect yourself. I’ve always liked flowers. But I REALLY like them now. I wish there were more. I wish there was a garden in place, nay, a forest.

By J. Harvey

  1. Syd

    It wasn’t enough that she traumatized a whole generation with her crotch pics, she had to further subject us all to the sight of her lop-sided tatas? Is she completely immune to the public’s anguished cry of “my eyes, my eyes!”?

    The woman is beyond bonkers!

  2. Dolly

    Hello the pic is from like 2004 not yesterday as you have inferred… And yes she was trying to be cute, but it’s hard when you lost your hair brush like a year prior and haven’t bothered to look for it and when the sun is burning your retnas and when there are like a million people standing outside waiting to take your pic… But nice try socialitelife…

  3. Melo

    Dolly, you have to click the link for the NEW pictures. The ones that ARE from like, yesterday. In which she’s wearing a stupid fedora over her cheap wig. Because she’s recently shaved her head.

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