Puppies And Police: Rachel Zoe’s Son Skyler Berman’s Day Out In Beverly Hills [PHOTOS]

I’m telling you, that Skyler Berman is adorable.  He looks ridiculous most of the time, but that’s not his fault.  Despite being dressed like a miniature French aristocrat on permanent holiday, Skyler is enjoying his summer, waving to policemen in Beverly Hills, stopping to pet a small dog.  Life is good.

Despite getting his face licked by the small dog, Skyler kept on trucking, though his fedora was lost in the drive-by licking.

En route to lunch with mom Rachel Zoe and dad Rodger Berman, Skyler waved to a police officer who was outside a storefront.  What a good Beverly Hills citizen.  He then made his way to lunch at Il Pastaio for a hearty meal.

PS, Rodg-Your hair looks so…beautiful.